Walk inside this tiny home built by young couple: The kitchen is too dreamy

Meet Brian and Skyler Thomas, a young couple in their 20s who decided to build their own tiny home. 
The complete tiny home on wheels is roughly 200 square-feet, but the Thomas couple surely make excellent use of it. The interior details are spectacular and unlike most tiny homes we've seen.
Let's take a tour. 
Upon entering the double doors, you arrive at the living room and sitting area. On the wall lies important memories the couple has kept over time.
The square footage may sound small, but there's enough space that even their dog can find a comfortable home. 

Sunday sunbathe.

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Here's the gorgeous wood countertop kitchen with built-in cabinets. 
Perhaps the most impressive feature is the stove. It's a dropped-in recessed Dickinson two-burner stove, typically found on boats. Because it is recessed, the couple can save precious countertop space when it's not in use. 
There's details in every inch of the home. 

When you finally get to un-box your wedding presents from 1 1/2 years ago! Moving into the tiny is really happening... And it's super surreal.

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Additional storage space exists opposite the kitchen.
A small staircase leads to the bed.


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Even the bathroom is unique. The cabinets are frameless and mirrored and doubles as a medicine cabinet. Yes, there's a washer/dryer unit too. 
Here's the shower:
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