The Craftsman is Tiny Heirloom's celebration of wood tones and sunlight 

“The owner of a tiny house, while living intimately indoors, has a larger life outside, and a lighter conscience,” wrote Alec Wilkinson in a July 2011 issue of The New Yorker magazine.
This live-in-the-moment marriage between carefree and pragmatic springs to mind when contemplating the Craftsman model mini-home built by Tiny Heirloom of Portland, Ore., a company that thinks small, knows elegance and offers off-the-grid homes on wheels. 
From the outside, the Craftsman is deceptively unassuming. The lines are simple and inviting, without being ostentatious. 
But the inside conjures up the warmth of a New England home nestled near a waterfall or tucked into a sleepy glen.  
One of the home's highlights is the spectacular kitchen fit for big kettles of simmering stews, homemade soups and garden fresh goodies. This kitchen is not designed for microwaved meals. Some of the special touches are the brick-wall look behind the sink, the tall water spigot and the staggered corner shelves. Can you also find the unique hourglass, which might serve to remind you that good things come to those who wait?  
And who doesn't love a clutter of cooking pots hanging from the ceiling?
To make sure the kitchen doesn’t feel overcrowded, the ceiling lamp in the kitchen is simple and demure.
However, for those who worry that they might have overdone the quaint bit, the Craftsman also has the feel of a Western lumberjack's camp, which means solid beams and a sturdy countertop.
Windows to the left, right, above and behind give this loft bedroom the feel of a larger space and plenty of cosmos (or neighboring trees) to contemplate. 
The bathroom sink is a space-saver — just a slice of a sink, it would seem, but enough to get the job done.
And how do you adorn a tiny house? With miniature houseplants, of course. This succulent sedum may have some growing to do. For now it fits neatly on a small shelf.
Certainly, one thing Tiny Heirloom does is pack a lot of home into a small space. This model displays the company's ability to combine the down-home touch with luxurious standards. Dedicated to keeping it simple, the company also offers homes that have plug-ins for power and water, but with optional "upgrades" that include "solar packages, battery banks, wind turbines and more!" according to their website.
You have to respect a company that calls solar and wind power upgrades. If luxury is synonymous with living, that's what it's all about. 
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