Designer Kim Lewis creates the charming, tiny home "The Perch"

Kim Lewis is the founder of Kim Lewis Design in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles. According to Vagabond, Lewis, known as "The Vagabond Designer," has taken to designing buildings that speak to clients' "roots, . . . wings . . . and purpose." One of the byproducts of her new designs is the home below, designed for the co-founders of Window to the Wild.
Co-founders Lindsey and Simon McNeny train wildlife so that people can interact with it and develop a love and respect for it. They incorporate interactive wildlife displays into man's concrete jungle in an attempt to create an increased awareness of the wildlife constantly surrounding mankind. The McNenys hired Lewis to design a tiny home for them that reflected their love for wildlife and birds. The end result is "The Perch" in Texas.
Vagabond points out that the outside was covered in reclaimed wood from a house that was slated to be demolished. The wood was placed on in a random pattern after the fashion of a bird building its nest.
The kitchen counters used the same style of reclaimed wood, and the brick on the inside walls gives an eclectic feel to the cooking area.
In keeping with Window to the Wild's love for wildlife, rather than kill an animal and mount its head, Vagabond created a faux head out of wood and placed it above the entry door.
The intimate breakfast nook is their version of a dining area.
The cozy loft above the kitchen provides the perfect place for the McNenys to "nest."
Even though the "roots" of the house were to mimic a bird's nest, the "purpose" of a kitchen sink and its cleanliness could not be left behind in the design.
A full-sized stove also made its way into the house.
The nesting theme was carried out in the small touches like the basket on the counter for the apples.
You can also appreciate the beautiful brick wall in this close-up photo of the kitchen.
The stairs were built in such a way that they blend into the wall and floor.
The ceiling tiles were salvaged from somewhere else.
The colorful sofa cover was made from sample fabric swatches that were sewn together.
All the windows in the house came from a local surplus store.
Everything from the outside of the house to the tiniest details inside the house was planned out by Lewis and Vagabond Design. Lewis' desire to reflect the personality if her client in the building she designed is clearly seen in "The Perch."  
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