Welcome to 'The Chapel,' a 320-square-foot wonder

Schuan Carpenter and his wife Holly wanted to live close to his work, but the biggest house they could afford was 790 square feet. With a growing family, they needed more space. They also needed a quiet area where Holly could continue teaching music lessons. “Wailing infants and violin lessons,” Holly writes in her blog, “do not go hand in hand.”
Carpenter decided to “build an amazing shed that is more of a Little Mansion.” Letting his creativity run wild, Carpenter built “The Chapel,” an enchanting 320-square-foot studio space that eventually led to founding his own tiny homes architectural plans business, called Little Mansions.
Walking in the front door, your eyes are immediately drawn to the lofty tower and its tall windows.
The studio easily fits the baby grand piano that belonged to Holly's grandmother, as well as 10 to 14 students for group lessons.
The high, pitched ceiling creates a sense of space, while the dark wood beams and window framing ground that space with warmth and grace, adding to the chapel-like feeling of the studio. 

The building serves as a music studio, a design studio, a community space, and a spiritual space. As many as 60 people sit in this space every week.

Posted by Little Mansions Designs on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It was designed to feel like a chapel. When you walked into the room, the room was supposed to speak to you.

Posted by Little Mansions Designs on Tuesday, January 24, 2012
The hand-made bookcase with Gothic revival accents was crafted from 100-year-old wood floor planks from an old barn.

The Gothic-Revival Bookcase was made out of the floor boards of a 100-year old barn that had to be torn down. The...

Posted by Little Mansions Designs on Tuesday, January 24, 2012
The Chapel is simply magical at night, glowing from the inside.
Those who want their own "Chapel" need look no further than Carpenter's Little Mansions business. He offers architectural plans of the tiny house in the original 320-square foot studio, a one-bedroom house at 480 square feet and a two-bedroom house at 580 square feet. 
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