Tiny Acorn House

In a nutshell, the Acorn House offers simplistic excellence. The design relies heavily on what are arguably the two most coveted features in a tiny home – warmth and a surprising amount of room. High dormers offer a unique aesthetic from the outside while providing light and ventilation to the interior. 
The Acorn House lays out at approximately 8 feet by 15 feet (120 square feet), which makes it very suitable for hauling via a trailer. According to the manufacturer, Nelson Tiny Houses, all their items are “customizable to be off the grid” with solar capabilities and propane hookups. That being said, the stylish design blends in great at a permanent site as well.
The 15-foot length of the Acorn House can be expanded via a convenient fold-down porch. This porch is made of cedar and metal and provides a helpful step to get up into the house or serves as just a nice area to sit and have a lemonade. When folded up the porch also serves as a protection for the front door, especially useful when in transit.
The Acorn House provides a lot of function in a small package. When first walking in the door a convenient "wet room" serves as the toilet/shower combination area. 
A dual-sink counter area and four-burner stove offer all the amenities of a much larger kitchen, complete with a fold-down table that seats three. 
The sleeping loft is encompassed on both sides by the pitch of the dormer, providing extra room for sitting up to read or meditate. This design features operable windows on both sides which helps to provide not only light, but also a nice cross breeze. 
The bed area is large enough for a queen-size mattress. Also, across from the main sleeping area is a secondary loft which can be used for storage or as an area for guests to crash at night.
You can still have some fun in the mostly functional Acorn House. A corner nook sits comfortably near the heating source and features a fold-down area to set up a laptop. A flat-screen TV sits behind a mirror on the adjacent wall and a car stereo with surround sound supplies tunes throughout the house. 
With the combination of cool features and necessary functionality, the Acorn House proves big dreams can come true with tiny house living.
Resources Nelson Tiny Houses and YouTube
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