Little A-frame cabin in the woods boasts one of the coziest attic bedrooms you'll ever see

Hidden in the lush redwoods of Northern California lies this gorgeous A-frame cabin, perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors but aren't willing to commit to fully roughing it. Suffice it to say, this cabin provides the perfect mix of rustic charm and modern luxury.
This cabin is in Cazadero, Calif., an hour and 45 minutes north of San Francisco and conveniently located near the Sonoma Coast in one direction and Wine Country in the other. Though the cozy dwelling is still a work-in-progress, it's a stunning option for a secluded weekend getaway.
As you can see, the cabin is nestled in a forest of stately redwood trees and almost blends in with the scenery, save for the facade that boasts an impressive number of artfully arranged windows.
The entryway immediately opens up to the stairway to the sleeping loft, drawing the eye upward and emphasizing the high ceilings. The cozy cabin relies on a wood stove and two small space heaters for warmth, making it great for cuddlers.
The staircase doubles as a storage space for books, kitchen accoutrements, and other various knickknacks.
The cabin also houses a record player and some records for entertainment, and the Airbnb listing promises "speedy wireless Internet" as well.
The kitchen lies just past the record player and is equipped with a four-cooker stove top.
According to the Airbnb listing, the bookshelf is fully stocked with cookbooks, should the desire to whip up a fancy meal arise. As the cabin is still being restored, the refrigerator is outside on the deck.
The bathroom is next to the kitchen and contains all the amenities you'd expect. 
The sleeping loft, however, is arguably the best part of the cabin. With its darker wood finish that contrasts beautifully with the predominantly white decor of the lower level, it exudes an aura of intimacy. The bed is a full-size memory foam mattress, designed to cradle you gently as you drift off to sleep.
The view from the bed isn't bad either, offering you glimpses of the verdant forest outside.
This table is located on the back deck, allowing you to work, play,  and dine al fresco if you prefer.
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