9 inspiring furniture designs that save space and double as art

When you live in a tiny home, it can be easy to focus on the functionality of your furnishings and forget about making your space beautiful. You shouldn't! A good piece of art brings warmth and personality into your space, and makes your house feel like a home.
No matter how small the space you live in happens to be, you don't have to sacrifice your personal sense of style for practical reasons. Take a cue from these 9 inspiring furniture designs; they're gorgeous pieces of art that manage to be useful pieces of furniture at the same time!
1. Chairs that fold into wall art
Offered in a ton of prints, these clever folding chairs from German company Ambivalenz are a great way to decorate your home while freeing up valuable closet space. They easily fold up to be less than an inch thick, and function as beautiful wall art when they're not needed for seating!
2. Hide your jewelry box behind a painting
Whether you're worried about thieves stealing your valuables or you're simply interested in minimizing clutter, a secret hiding spot behind a painting is the perfect place to store your jewelry. It's a fun DIY project, too. Learn how to make it at Design Sponge.
3. Make your bookshelf a wall centerpiece
If you have an empty wall in your home, you should consider installing a bookshelf that doubles as a gorgeous piece of art. Apartment Therapy reader Veronica shared this incredible custom bookshelf that she designed herself - it was inspired by a Buddhist mandala!
4. Table that folds into a picture frame
This sleek dining room table by Ivydesign can seat up to six people, and when it's not in use, it folds up into an elegant picture frame. If you want to try your hand at making your own, German Home Story offers a DIY tutorial that you can find here.
5. Wall art for wine lovers
Anybody who loves their wine needs a beautiful wine rack like this one from Ramez. It frees up your cupboard space, keeps your wine close at hand, and looks gorgeous hanging on your wall!
6. Decorative murphy bed
A murphy bed can double as a large piece of wall art, as shown in this design photographed by Becki Peckham of The Uncommon Law. This version was made with a poster, but you could use a painting or a blown-up version of a favorite photograph to get a similar effect.
7. A sculpture that doubles as a footstool
Designed in Denmark, the Nest line of multi-functional rattan furniture by Cane Line can be used as footstools, coffee tables, or fascinating art installations. Plus, they're lightweight and extremely durable!
8. A true-to-its-name coat tree
This innovative coat rack by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a "coat tree." Custom-made from individual wood pieces, it doubles as a conversation piece and a handy place to hang your jacket.
9. Wooden skyline table/wall art
This amazing piece of furniture designed by Christy Oates is just as gorgeous when being used as a table as it is hanging on the wall. The laser-cut design was inspired by traditional origami forms, and it can go from table to wall hanging in under 10 seconds!

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