Delve into exquisiteness in this Chimera tiny home 

Passion is always a key motivator in any line of work, and the team at Wind River Tiny Homes knows this better than anyone else. A strong interest in all things tiny living, coupled with years of experience in construction, has brought the masterminds behind this Chattanooga, Tennessee, company together in the pursuit of greatness in tiny home alchemy. 
And such is the case of the tiny house on wheels we are going to explore today. The Chimera tiny house was a custom-made order with a uniquely created design that appeals to multiple stylistic conventions. Its name is a reference to the fact that the house makes the most of a mixture of materials and functional features, in the same manner that a chimera in Greek mythology is a creature that is made from a combination of animals.     
This chimera is certainly not a figment of your imagination. It is a celebration of the finest details that come from a sustainable and efficient tiny dwelling. Come with us to take a closer look at this stunning tiny house on wheels to see what we mean.   
This is our favorite picture of the exterior. A modern boxed design adorned with majestic windows and a heavenly metallic glow welcomes us to this incredible tiny home. The red door contrasts quite well with the wooden siding and stylish windows, providing an added zest to the flawlessly constructed exteriors.  
The owner of this tiny house lives in Texas, and he came up with most of the design himself. Wind River Tiny Homes' craftsmanship was that essential magical touch that was needed to bring everything together and make his vision a reality. The Chimera is a treasure trove of pleasant surprises, as you are about to see as we navigate through the interiors. 
Looking at the house from this angle, you will begin to see the practical elements that are part of the Chimera chemical reaction. Among them is a custom-built couch that folds out to become a bed AND can be lifted up to become a storage compartment; a spacious closet just opposite the washer-dryer and refrigerator; and a storage loft right on top of the bathroom, which is located just behind that red door. 
And it doesn't stop there. The stairs include their own hidden shelves and compartments for stowing away smaller valuables and trinkets. 
For all the bookworms following along, here is the proof that a tiny house can cater to the avid reader too. 
This pristine, fully furnished, kitchen comes with concrete and butcher block countertops, subway tile backsplash, open shelving, pull-out pantries and a custom-made folding table with foldout chairs.  
We have to look at the foldout table from up close. Both the table and chairs are immaculately handcrafted using cedar wood. Gorgeous as well as practical, you can effortlessly put these "away" in case you need some extra working space around the kitchen. 
You may have noticed by now that The Chimera is uniquely comprised of two loft areas, one small loft for storage and another larger loft for sleeping.  
Whites and reds continue to be a motif in the Chimera sleeping quarters, which consists of built-in night side tables and cubbyholes, a welded rod clothes rail next to the large rectangular window that illuminates the area, and a welded rod handrail along the stairs too. 
This shelf is lovely and easy to adorn too. A few books, a potted plant and a decorative box were all it took to add some color to this elegant addition to the Chimera's sleeping space. 
Last stop of our tiny tour is the bathroom. Which you can see is just as charming as the rest of the house. Efficiency and delicacy go hand in hand in this area, which makes great use of shelving and storage space as well as flawlessly employing that consistent use of mixed textures and materials that you see throughout the Chimera's interiors. 
Along with a toilet and open shelving, the bathroom's facilities include a tiled shower, a wall-mounted bathroom sink and a classic small vanity.  
One final look at the shower area before we call it a day. Proving that the best tiny houses are those that pay full attention to the finest details, the Chimera has a custom made wooden shower pan for that added personalized touch. 
The Wind River Tiny Homes team focuses on creating houses that bring a personal flair to the nicest aesthetics, and The Chimera is a testament of their artistry. A beautiful, custom-made, tiny house on wheels which leaves anyone who visits in awe, the Chimera truly is a magical piece of alchemy in its own accord. 

'The pictures on this website do not do it justice,' says an extremely satisfied fan.
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