10 space-saving beds that will solve lack of room in tiny bedrooms

A bedroom is a highly personal room within a home. It's the place you go to recharge and, perhaps, relax. For children, bedrooms also often act as playrooms; for adults and teens, the bedroom can be used for work or study. Clothing generally needs to be squeezed in this space, and sometimes, other personal items.
When working in a tiny home or small home, a space of 1,000 square feet (93 square meters) or less, finding ways to have a comfortable bed, yet maximize the floor space and keep the room feeling clean and open is extremely important. All kinds of great designs for beds are on the market, and some people have adapted designs to meet their specific needs. Here are 10 great space-saving beds that can help keep a tiny bedroom feeling spacious, yet comfortable.
1. Murphy bed seen on DIY Better Homes
According to Smithsonian.com, the Murphy bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy back in the late 1800s so that he could hide his bed away and allow the young lady he was courting to come over to his home.  This Murphy bed turns into a bookshelf by day and a bed by night. Its clever design allows you to stow your bed behind the shelf so your floor space is opened up and uncluttered.
2. Folding beds by Sellex
These folding beds by Sellex are similar to the idea of a Murphy bed, but are also available as bunk beds. Attach the bed frames to the wall. When the bed, or beds, are not in use, the bed simply folds up. When you need to go to sleep, pull the bed down and climb in. This design is great for children's rooms or spaces where individuals have to share a room.
3. Nook bed, seen on Pinterest
Placing the bed in a built-in wall space keeps the floor nice and open. The cabinets above the bed can be used to store linens and seasonal clothing. The drawers below the bed act as a dresser. Since the bed is built into a nook, shelves can be included at the head and foot of the bed. This space is great for books and other items. By adding extra pillows to the bed, it can also become a couch by day.
4. Bed in a closet by Marie Claire Maison
If you want to hide your bed but don't want to fold it up, placing it inside a cabinet may be the answer you're looking for. Simply close the doors on the bed, and it disappears. This particular design has a built-in dresser under the bed.
5. Hanging bed by Dwell
Vincent Kartheiser has his bed hanging from the ceiling in order to keep his floor space open. When he wants to sleep, the bed comes down; and when he's done, it rises back up.
6. Folding bunk beds with stairs seen on Lushome
For those who decide to install bunk beds for their children, ones that fold up into a frame on the wall will keep the floor open during the day for the kids to be able to play or work. At night when the beds come out, this design by Lushome has a built-in ladder so the child on the top has easy access.

7. Corner twin beds by Wonderfully DIY
If folding beds up and down don't sound appealing, another way to save space in a bedroom is to place all the furniture along the walls, keeping the center of the room free. These corner twin beds line the walls and have the built-in features of dressers beneath the beds and bookshelves at the heads of the beds.
8. Elevated bed, seen on Apartment Therapy
Building upward is another way to conserve space. As long as you remember to include some steps or a ladder for climbing into your bed, you can place bookshelves and dressers beneath the bed.
9. Corner twin beds in different heights by Dijous
This set of twin beds that line the walls conserves just a little more space by building one bed higher than the other. Cubbies are still included for clothing and toys; but by stacking the beds, you lessen overall floor space.
10. Study area with pull-out beds underneath, seen on Detskaya
For those with very limited space, building an extra "floor" in your home for children to work and/or play on gains you some extra space. The bed, or beds, can be slid underneath the floor during the day, keeping the room open. At night, slide the bed, or beds, out.
For those who live in a small space, whether by choice or by necessity, knowing that choices are out there is a great thing. Seeing how others have conquered the challenges of small space living can both inspire and encourage you.

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